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Husband: Mr. Pieter Fuhri Snethlage
Birth:                    19 Jun 1887 Woerden
Marriage:                 21 Aug 1918 Cornelia Gijsberta Verkerk
Death:                    16 Jan 1966

Father: George Hendrik Fuhri Snethlage Mother: Maria Jacoba Adriana van Iterson
Wife: Cornelia Gijsberta Verkerk
Birth:                     1 Jan 1893 Kamerik
Marriage:                 21 Aug 1918 Mr. Pieter Fuhri Snethlage
Death:                    13 Apr 1941 Haarlem

Father: Pieter Cornelis Verkerk Mother: Cornelia Boer
M  George Hendrik Fuhri Snethlage
Birth:                    22 Jan 1920 Haarlem
Marriage:                  9 Nov 1946 Erna Johanna Winterink

M  Pieter Cornelis Fuhri Snethlage
Birth:                    17 Jun 1921 Schoten
Death:                    28 Oct 2004 Haarlem

M  Jan Fuhri Snethlage

M  Alexander Fuhri Snethlage

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